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Booms & Blasts: Part 1 - Concept Art

Learn the fundamentals of design, shape, color, and value as you create concept art for a variety of popular visual effects!

(9 sessions / 3 hours of work per session)

Start your visual effects journey by designing concept art for some of the most-requested effects in games and film—including fire explosions, wispy clouds, lightning zaps, and gooey splats! You'll also unlock a bonus session to learn the basics of elemental illustration!

With over ten hours of step-by-step video tutorials from instructor Jason Keyser, this course has been intuitively designed to put you in control. Follow the recommended lesson format, or navigate freely and focus on what interests you most!

As with all VFX Apprentice courses, your enrollment includes lifetime access to both the course content and our exclusive Discord Server, so you can return again and again as you continue honing your skills!

  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Video Subtitles: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian

Return Policy 

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please reach out to support@VFXapprentice.com within 30 days for a full refund.

Course Schedule

Session 1: Welcome To Class!

Watch these introductory videos to get you on-boarded and prepared, and totally psyched for what's to come! (2 lessons) 

  1. Orientation
  2. More things to know

Session 2: Concept Art - Guiding Principles

A high-level introduction to inform your efforts while creating compelling VFX concept art. (1 lesson)

  1. Guiding Principles Lecture

Session 3: Concept Art - Photoshop Fundamentals

These 4 videos cover the basics of Photoshop, and are available on YouTube. The full playlist is embedded here. (4 lessons)

  1. Photoshop for VFX Artists - 1: Tools
  2. Photoshop for VFX Artists - 2: Layers
  3. Photoshop for VFX Artists - 3: Adjustments
  4. Photoshop for VFX Artists - 4: Pro Tips

Session 4: Concept Art - Photoshop Painting Techniques

Watch & learn: In this quick demo series, you'll see a variety of the painting techniques that David Shovlin uses in the concept art tutorials. (4 lessons)

  1. Intro + Fire Technique
  2. Wisp Technique
  3. Zap Technique
  4. Goo Technique

Session 5: Concept Art - Fire Explosion

Learn how to make a fiery explosion, and follow along in Photoshop! (4 lessons) 

  1. [version 1] Thumbnails
  2. [version 1] Painting + Commentary
  3. [version 2] Painting + Commentary
  4. 5_Fire_Explosion_Paintover_Jeff_Gates

Session 6: Concept Art - Wispy Cloud

Learn how to paint a magical wisp from the nether realm, with a punchy inner light, and ambient cast light hitting the outer edges! (1 lesson)

  1. Painting + Commentary

Session 7: Concept Art - Lightning Zap

Learn how to create sharp shapes full of energy, and the importance of sometimes using more than one concept painting to convey an idea. (2 lessons)

  1. Thumbnails
  2. Painting + Commentary

Session 8: Concept Art - Goo Splat

Learn the unique surface qualities of a substance that scatters light inside its mass as you follow along with David Shovlin painting this toxic gooey splatter. (2 lessons)

  1. Thumbnails
  2. Painting + Commentary

Session 9: BONUS - Elemental Illustration

Learn how Jeremy Anninos painted the compelling splash illustration for the VFX Apprentice website. (1 lesson)

  1. Time Lapse + Commentary

Conduct Policy

Entrance into the course includes access to a private forum where students can share their work and ideas to improve. This is designed to lift and educate the whole group. It is expected that no user engage in harassing or abusive behavior. Plagiarism, piracy, or theft are not tolerated, and may be pursued with legal action. All assets included in this course are copyrighted, and not for professional use. Re-distributing assets obtained by purchasing this course is strictly prohibited, and may also result in legal action. For inquiries on purchasing course assets for professional use, please contact support@VFXapprentice.com for pricing. To make VFXapprentice.com the best possible experience for everyone, violation of this code of conduct may result in a non-refunded expulsion from the course.