Ge Lush

VFX Artist, Freelance

A top-notch artist & developer, Ge Lush has contributed to FX on games and cinematics for titles like Godfall, Temtem, Into the Echo, F1 2021, and even real-time slime for Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards

Lush co-developed the Booms & Blasts course for VFX Apprentice with a focus on FX in Unity. His teaching style is charismatic and dynamic. He makes the often overwhelming technical process of wrangling VFX much more approachable for students.

He brings with him a deep understanding of the VFX process, especially his expertise in translating a concept into something that works fantastically in-game. 

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Booms & Blasts

3D VFX: Level Two
The definitive course for real-time stylized FX for Unreal Engine and Unity. This best-selling series teaches your particle animation, texture creation, and building real-time VFX for game engines.

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