Meet Our Instructors

Our roster of instructors is made up of successful VFX professionals, currently making their own marks across the games and animation industries.

Jason Keyser

Founder and CEO at VFX Apprentice

The visionary and chief pixel pusher of VFX Apprentice, Jason Keyser is a renowned FX artist, as well as a devoted VFX educator and student advocate. Jason has worked in entertainment as both a 2D FX and 3D VFX artist for 13 years, animating for the Powerpuff Girls, Arlo on Netflix, and multiple titles for Riot Games - including League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and several R&D projects.

While working full time at Riot, Jason created over 60 FX and VFX education videos on his YouTube channel, designed and taught courses for artists internally at Riot, mentored prospective FX artists, facilitated the VFX Bootcamp at GDC, and spoke at conferences to students and pros alike.

Jason ultimately left Riot to commit full time to VFX Apprentice, training and lifting up FX artists across the world.

Teaches in: Booms & Blasts, and Tradigital 2D FX


David Shovlin

Senior VFX Artist at Riot Games

This guy can do it all!

Currently a Senior VFX Artist at Riot Games working on VALORANT and other R&D projects, David is a masterful expert in the art of concept painting, 3D VFX, and 2D FX alike. He brings over a decade of experience with him to VFX Apprentice. Over the course of his career, David has developed intimate knowledge of several animation tools and pipelines, eventually coming to specialize in Unreal Engine.

David is eager to share his artistic and technical skillset with VFX Apprentices, as well as a wealth of best practices in adaptability and discipline to apply to your craft development, no matter where you are in your career.

Teaches in: Booms & Blasts, and Tradigital 2D FX


Ge Lush

VFX Artist at Tuatara

A top-notch artist & developer

As our resident Unity expert, Lush co-developed Booms & Blasts, the flagship course on VFX Apprentice. His teaching style is charismatic and dynamic. He makes the often overwhelming technical process of wrangling VFX much more approachable for students.

He brings with him a deep understanding of the VFX process, especially his expertise in translating a concept into something that works fantastically in-game. You’ll see some of his recent work in games such as Temtem and Godfall!

Teaches in: Booms & Blasts, and Tradigital 2D FX


Alex Redfish

Senior VFX Artist at Riot Games

Our friend, our hero!

Alex brings to VFX Apprentice his experience and lessons learned from a varied career across game and film studios including his work for Sony Pictures on Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Blizzard Entertainment, where he worked on Diablo IV, and Riot Games, where he is currently on Project L as a Senior VFX Artist. We wish we could fit the full extent here on this page. But it goes without saying: if you've ever collected a catalogue of top-tier 2D FX for reference, you almost certainly are familiar with his work.

Alex is known for stylized real-time VFX, and was eager to share his process for creating a variety of gorgeous FX. Because of Alex's deep studio experience, he shows us how to make versatile assets which are suitable for a variety of uses, whether for film or games. 

Recorded timelapses for: Tradigital 2D FX


Mathew DeSancits

Senior Mograph Artist at Riot Games

Making art that makes you go "oooooooh!"

Over the course of his 10+ years in gaming, Mathew has honed a distinctively clean and slick animation style, which has influenced the modern and cutting edge motion graphics sensibilities at Riot Games.

You’ll find his work throughout the League of Legends interface, where he helped define the creative direction and style development for hextech magic, the core of League’s visual identity.

Mathew brings to VFX Apprentice his expertise in interface motion design, interaction, behaviors, feedback, and celebrations -- all critical concepts to master for any VFX artist looking to work in games.

Teaches in: Tradigital 2D FX


Chris Graf

Senior VFX Artist

Chris Graf is an FX Animator and Designer, Supervisor and Co-Department Head for JamFilled Ottawa, Toronto and Halifax. He has been animating FX in the industry for about 15 years and has worked in commercials, tv, film, games, and game cinematics for clients around the globe. Including Nickelodeon, Netflix, Disney, Marvel, and League of Legends to name a few.


Matthieu Petit

2D FX Artist

An artistically masterful mind

Over the past decade, Matthieu has honed his skills as a 2D FX artist across the games and animation industries. Having received impactful mentorship throughout his career, Matthieu is eager to share the knowledge he’s gained working on projects for Just Dance, Angry Birds, Raving Rabbids, Legends of Runeterra, Brawl Stars, and more!

He brings to VFX Apprentice his ability to animate complex shapes quickly. His years of top-tier production experience are obvious as you watch him work, whether he's animating an in-game effect, or a cinematic marvel.

Recorded timelapses for: Tradigital 2D FX



2D FX Artist

Working as a special effects artist is better than breathing” -Adrian Fijalek

Adrian (aka Maginpanic) is a passionate and talented FX artist specializing in frame-by-frame 2D effects. He has worked in animation and effects across many studios including: Flying Bark Productions where he did 2D FX for Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DHX Media, Boulder Media, Studio Pigeon, and more.

Having successfully worked as an independent FX artist for many years, Adrian has a real passion for lifting others up by sharing his knowledge (see his YouTube and Instagram). We are honored to have his fresh perspective on FX education at VFX Apprentice.

Teaches in: Tradigital 2D FX


Jason Chisolm

VFX Artist at Riot Games

In a league of his own

Jason has had a meteoric rise as a young VFX artist at Riot Games on the League of Legends champions team. Having started as a VFX intern at Riot, he quickly grew into a full-fledged developer meeting and exceeding expectations for this world-class game. 

He was a key contributor in the development of some of our early assets, helping define the visual identity by patterning it after the way certain assets are built inside of League of Legends. Now hundreds of students have learned by studying his work up close!

Created assets for: Booms & Blasts


Luke Mason

Associate VFX Artist at Blizzard

Our star student gone pro!

Luke started with us at VFX Apprentice as a Teacher’s Assistant in the early days. In time he became a critical aide in launching Booms & Blasts, as he transitioned from student to contributor. Soon he was creating some of the core assets used in the Booms & Blasts lessons today!

After playing a critical role in the successful launch of VFX Apprentice, Luke moved on to join the Hearthstone team at Blizzard as an Associate VFX artist, where he enjoys making hand-crafted artistic wonders of magic!

Created assets for: Booms & Blasts