VFX Apprentice Instructors

Our instructors have worked on AAA titles, indie games,
animated films, television series, mobile games, and experiential events.

VFX Bootcamp Mentors

Every 8-week VFX Bootcamp is unique, featuring new mentors and students.

Gabriel "Nibilli" Boileau

FX Artist, Blizzard Entertainment
Beginner Bootcamp (August 2024)

About Gabi

Sjors de Laat

Senior VFX Artist, Tuatara Games
Portfolio Bootcamp (August 2024)

About Sjors

Chris Sayers

Lead VFX Artist, Anchor Point Studios
Portfolio Bootcamp (August 2024)

About Chris

VFX-A All Access Instructors

Meet all the amazing instructors teaching 2D, 3D, and real-time FX. Learn about each instructor, projects they've worked on, and which courses they teach inside of VFX Apprentice All Access.

Jason Keyser

Senior VFX Artist, Founder of VFX Apprentice

About Jason

Alex Redfish

Principal VFX Artist, Riot Games

About Alex

Hadidjah Chamberlin

Lead VFX Artist, Moonshot Games

About Hadidjah

Milena Gonçalez

Lead 2D FX Artist, Studio Soi

About Milena

David Shovlin

Senior VFX Artist, Riot Games

About David

Rubén Luna de San Macario

VFX Artist, Shot One

About Rubfish

Slava Lightsoul

2D FX Animator, Freelance

About Slava

Dan Elder

Head of 2D FX, Jam Filled Entertainment

About Dan

Chris Graf

Lead 2D FX Design, Marvel Studios

About Chris

Ali Sorensen

Senior VFX Artist, Firewalk Studios

About Ali

Matthieu Petit

2D FX Artist, Freelance

About Matthieu

Tom De Vis

Senior FX Artist, Freelance

About Tom

Kees Klop

VFX Artist, Crema

About Kees

Darin Aranda Ahmed

VFX Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

About Darin

David Hall

VFX Director, Worldspark Studios

About David

Gabriel "Nibilli" Boileau

FX Artist, Blizzard Entertainment (Proletariat)

About Gabi

Ryan Rosanky

Lead VFX Artist, Airship Syndicate

About Ryan

Sonia Firsova

2D FX and Character Animator, Freelance

About Sonia

Josh McDonald

Senior VFX Artist, The Pokémon Company Intl

About Josh

Kristy Doan

Senior VFX Artist, Moonshot Games

About Kristy

Adrian "Maginpanic" FijaŇāek

2D FX Artist, Freelance

About Adrian

Guillaume Degroote

2DFX Supervisor, Fortiche Production

About Guillaume

Ge Lush

VFX Artist, Freelance

About Lush

Luke Mason

VFX Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

About Luke

Mathew DeSanctis

UI & VFX Lead, Odyssey Interactive

About Mathew

Julien Pingault

2D FX Animator, Freelance

About Julien

Sandra Femenía

Lead Technical Artist, VFX Apprentice

About Sandra

Guillermo Couceiro Salido

VFX and Technical Artist, Freelance

About Guillermo

Nicolas "Cool Cat VFX" Trevisan

VFX Artist, Freelance

About Nicolas

Jason Chisolm

VFX Lead, Riot Games

About Jason

Diana Simonyan

Intermediate VFX Artist, Digital Extremes

About Diana

Mustafa Al Obaidi

VFX Artist, DICE
Founder &CEO at MadVFX

About Mustafa