Visual FX Courses

Elevate your FX skills today. VFX Apprentice courses feature everything from concept art to game development and particle animation. Learn the skills you need to create FX in games and animation.

VFX Courses and Bundles

Visual FX courses are all available as part of VFX-A All Access or in bundles for 2D FX or 3D VFX. 

VFX-A All Access

Instant access to 2D, 3D, and real-time FX courses for games and animation.
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Starting at $89 /month

Monthly plans available at USD $109/month.



Tradigital 2D FX Bundle

An epic library of 2D visual FX lessons. This bundle guides you through creating, animating, and delivering broadcast-ready animation and video game-ready assets.

$1500 USD

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Booms & Blasts 3D Bundle

Learn how to create in-demand visual effects for games. Get all of VFX lessons on concepting, designing, and creating particle animations. This bundle offers the foundations you need to create amazing visual FX. 

$1500 USD

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Masters of Motion_Featured

Masters of Motion

This 2D course will teach you how to design and animate popular visual FX assets that studios and game developers need.

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Game Dev Deep Dive

This course is designed for FX artists of all levels to create 2D attacks, spells, and healing effects seen in popular video games.

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Post Process Pizazz

This course is designed for 2D FX artists to polish and elevate their visual effects and animations into production-ready assets.

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Masters of Motion_Featured

Concept Painting

This course is designed to teach you how to imagine and create 3D video game visual FX using the fundamentals of design, shape, color, and value. 

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Particle Animation

This in-depth course is designed to teach you all the various aspects of creating 3D real-time visual FX assets used in the most popular video games.

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