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Every year, we gather some of the incredible works made by our community.
Because we want everybody to know how talented and skilled our students are!

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From VFX Apprentice to working on some of the biggest releases in television, games, and more.

Tom De Vis

Learn about the importance of finding your own style, about Tom's experience learning 2D FX, and working on Netflix's Arcane.

Student Interview

Abbie Chmil

From the jewelry designer to the Fortnite FX team, Abbie Chmil tells us about her journey that has taken her to Epic Games.

Student Interview

Jasmin Wodarczyk

When YouTube tutorials weren't enough, Jasmin discovered VFX Apprentice and then landed her dream job as an FX Artist.

Student Interview

Nicholas Quackenbush

After experimenting with particle systems, Nick found his passion for real-time VFX. Now he works at Blizzard on Overwatch 2.

Student Interview

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