Guillaume Degroote

2DFX Supervisor, Fortiche Production

Guillaume is well established in the 2D FX community as a leader and trend-setter. You're probably familiar with much of the visionary FX he has supervised at Fortiche Production, including Arcane for Netflix.

Since 2005, Guillaume has been honing his skills as an FX designer, animator, and supervisor. He brings a rare perspective to the VFX Apprentice catalog of lessons, as he teaches from the perspective of a one-of-a-kind visionary.

Other credits include cinematics and FX work for Netflix and Nickelodeon on the Glitch Techs series, Mune: Guardian of the Moon, Baidir, and League of Legends cinematics Get Jinxed and Ekko: Seconds.

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Medium 2D FX - Electric Burst

2D FX: Level One
Dive into these more complex animation studies, with different viscosities, multiple elements, and more complex shapes. Create directional fire, bubble bursts, water flings, and more!

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