Kees Klop

VFX Artist, Crema

Kees Klop is a talented VFX artist who has worked on titles like Lethal League BlazeBlightboundand TemtemHe has worked with studios like CremaRoboto Games, and Ronimo Games 

He's very active with VFX Apprentice students and wears his community-given title "The Paintover Guy" with pride as he offers visual feedback on timing, shape, and color of students' FX work. 

Kees started to explore 2D VFX while studying Game Art in college. He took on the grind and became a self-taught artist and further enhanced his skill after finding VFX Apprentice. 

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VFX Paintover Series

2D VFX: Level Two
Enhance your effect concepts and feedback process with paintovers.

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