Darin Aranda Ahmed

VFX Artist, Saber Interactive

Darin is a true mastermind in all things technical, artistic, and procedural. In her seven years of professional experience, she has worked on titles like Metroid Dread and Space Lords at Mercury Steam before joining Saber Interactive to work on Evil Dead The Game.

She started her career creating simulations of soft bodies, cloth, and ropes. This led her on a path of mastering procedural methods. 

She has skills in real-time particle animations and loves to create complex systems with different behaviors that change based on gameplay. She has expertise in combining UE Niagara systems and shaders to create stunning VFX in multiple styles.

Darin's favorite things outside work are cats, food, and baked desserts!

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Procedural Textures in Substance Designer

3D VFX: Level One
Create seamless textures procedurally using Adobe Substance 3D Designer. Darin Aranda is here to guide you through the entire process.

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