David Hall

VFX Director, Worldspark Studios

David Hall loves teaching, exploding things, and teaching how to explode things. He is an outstanding addition to any effects team and does truly amazing work. He not only mastered the craft of 2D and 3D VFX but is also passionate about teaching and pushing his team forward.

This led to him working at a variety of prestigious studios like Petroglyph Games and Riot Games as a VFX artist, before working as Principal VFX Artist for Wildlife Studios and Hidden Leaf Games until finally becoming the VFX Director at Worldspark Studios.

When he is not making VFX or taking time with his family, he enjoys making other art too. It's nuts!

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Beginner Bootcamp

This introductory bootcamp dives deep into FX foundations, drawing, painting, particle systems and more! Then implement these new skills in popular real-time game engines.

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Portfolio Bootcamp

This intermediate bootcamp is designed for VFX artists looking to hone their skills and prepare their portfolio for a career in the VFX industry. Create a VFX art test and get a professional critique.

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Animating in Photoshop

All Access, 2D FX Level One

Learn all you need to animate in Adobe Photoshop. From initial setups, hotkeys, tips and tricks, and a fun exercise!

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