Beginner's Guide to VFX

Instructor: Jason Keyser, Sandra Femenía, David Hall
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Start your visual effects journey and learn all about the world of game development and stylized real-time VFX. This FREE course will introduce you to the various departments, game styles, tools, and systems used to make effects for games.

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3+ Hours

This course includes three and a half hours of VFX training.

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Beginner Level Zero course for everyone. No experience required.

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This course includes overview training videos and downloadable assets.

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Course Breakdown

Lesson overview.

Introduction to VFX

Go from Zero to Hero! This is your starting point on your journey toward a career of sparkles, elements, and VFX explosions!

Game Dev Departments

Have you ever wondered how game development works? This video will give you the perfect introduction to the many departments of a AAA studio!

VFX Roles and Positions

So you want to become a VFX artist in the game industry, but where do you start? What roles and positions are there in a studio, and what opportunities are there later on?

Style of Games

What are we referring to if we talk about the "style" of a game project? Why is it important to know what style you are working with?


Gameplay is king! You might have heard this phrase before... But what is "gameplay" and why is it so important to consider when making VFX?

Game Engines

What are real-time game engines? Why do we use them and what options do we have? What's the difference between Unreal Engine and Unity? There is a lot to uncover so let's get into one of the deepest aspects of game development!

Game Platforms

PC, Console, Mobile? Knowing which platform a game is being developed for brings a variety of different considerations and constraints. Learn what they are, and how to account for them!

Textures, Meshes, & Shaders

The building blocks of VFX - textures, meshes, and shaders! What are they? How do VFX artists use them to create stunning effects?

Particle Systems

Particle systems are the objects a VFX artist spends the most amount of time working on. They are the objects that combine all of the elements and bring our effects to life!

VFX Pipeline

Learn about all the steps an effect artist goes through before arriving at the final result. We refer to all of these steps together as the visual effects pipeline!

Next Steps to Learn VFX

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Bruno Cano

VFX-A All Access Member

Joining VFX Apprentice was, for sure, the best decision I've made in my early VFX career. The courses are great and the mentors and students are always trying to help. I just love being here!

Luke Mason

VFX Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

VFX Apprentice is always the first place I suggest to start in the world of real-time VFX. The quality and care are simply unmatched. The comprehensive lessons forever changed how I paint, whether it be for textures or concepts.

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