Slava Lightsoul

2D FX Animator, Freelance

Slava is a freelance 2D VFX artist and environment designer specializing in nature and explosion effects. He brings a stylized flair to his VFX and is able to help students through the concept process.

His love for animation started Lion King and Atlantis, when he discovered anime a new love blossomed. To this day he is heavily inspired by anime effects and the entire community of animators online.

After getting into the VFX industry he worked on various Riot Games cinematics as a freelancer, did some animation for TV, and got a chance to join Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse.

Slava has a huge passion for teaching. He started teaching in late 2019 and hasn't stopped since.

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Ignited - 2D FX Animation

2D VFX: Level Two
Work through a fiery animated short from the concept phase through production with instructor Slava Lightsoul!

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