Ignited - 2D FX Animation

Instructor: Slava Lightsoul
Included with VFX-A All Access 

Work through a fiery animated short from the concept phase through production with instructor Slava Lightsoul!

In All Access

2+ Hours

This course includes over two and a half hours of VFX training.

Skill Level

This is an intermediate Level 2 course for experienced artists. 

Videos & Downloads

This course includes overview training videos and downloadable assets.

Instant Access

This course is immediately available to All Access members. 

Course Breakdown

Lesson overview

Intro & Course Overview

Meet your instructor and get started by learning about the different stages of production in animation.

Idea Blockout & Animatic

Get acquainted with storyboards and animatics. Use composition and different shots to set your animation up for success.

Rough Animation

Take a deep dive through Slava's roughs for the three shots in Ignite, and see how experimenting during this phase can help push your animation!

Refined Animation

Learn the pros and cons of different line types you can use for refining your animation and the importance of pacing yourself.


Backgrounds may feel like a different kind of challenge, but Slava has us covered with some of the same principles we used in storyboarding!


It's time to bring it all together! Learn about ways to polish your animation and background in combination to make your animated short shine.

What members say about VFX Apprentice

Bruno Cano

VFX-A All Access Member

Joining VFX Apprentice was, for sure, the best decision I've made in my early VFX career. The courses are great and the mentors and students are always trying to help. I just love being here!

Alexandr Popov

VFX Apprentice Student

This was my first step into the field of VFX. I chose it because I saw the incredible work of the teachers. If you want to plunge into the magical world of VFX, then this is definitely for you.

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