David Shovlin

Senior VFX Artist, Riot Games

David Shovlin can do it all! Currently a Senior VFX Artist at Riot Games, David works on VALORANT and other R&D projects. David is a masterful expert in the art of concept painting, 3D VFX and 2D FX alike.

He brings over a decade of experience with him to VFX Apprentice. Throughout his career, he has created visuals for a variety of casino and slot machine games, worked on mobile games, animated for the web series Star Wars Forces of Destiny, and has now been at Riot Games since 2015.

David has developed an intimate knowledge of several animation tools and pipelines, eventually coming to specialize in Unreal Engine. He is eager to share his artistic and technical skillset, as well as a wealth of best practices in adaptability and discipline to apply to your craft development, no matter where you are in your career.

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Color Theory for Visual Effects

3D FX: Level One
Color is a big part of VFX design! Get acquainted with the different aspects of color in this fundamentals series.

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Intro to FX Concept Painting

2D FX: Level One
Dive into the world of FX concept painting. Get to know a variety of painting techniques as you learn to create fire, wisps, zaps, and goo.

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FX Painting Elemental Studies

2D FX: Level One
Create concept art for various elemental effects, including a fiery explosion, goo splat, lighting zap, and more!

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Booms & Blasts

3D VFX: Level Two
The definitive course for real-time stylized FX for Unreal Engine and Unity. Create four of the most frequently used elemental game effects with explosions, wisps, lightning, and splats.

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Sidescroller 2D/3D Game FX

Apprentice: Level Three
Dive into the whole FX pipeline and create in-game spells and healing effects. 

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