Color Theory for VFX

Instructor: David Shovlin
Included with VFX-A All Access

Color is a big part of VFX design! Get acquainted with the different aspects of color with David Shovlin in this fundamentals series.

In All Access

2 Hours

This course includes nearly two hours of VFX color theory training.

Skill Level

Beginner Level One course for new and aspiring VFX artists. 


No requirements, this is
a lecture-based series.

Instant Access

This course is immediately available to All Access members. 

Course Breakdown

Lesson overview.

Color Theory & RGB Color Wheel

Get an introduction to color and the color wheel, a common tool for picking colors digitally.


Color Value

Value is the most important aspect of color in design! Let's take a look at how value contrast can be added in-engine and what it creates.

Saturation & Hue

Hue and saturation make up what we generally think of as color! Learn about the relationship between the two of them and start looking at how colors work together.

Color Temperature & Palettes

Explore warm and cool color temperatures. Get to know what feelings each temperature evokes and get some practice re-coloring an effect in a game engine.

Color Addition

Learn about the pitfalls to avoid when using additive particles and shifting hues with this lesson on color choices.

Restraint & Readability

Let's get some practice re-coloring a more complex effect with a block-in explosion. Practice the art of restraint when it comes to colors.

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