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Training the next generation of specialized VFX artists.

What is VFX Apprentice?


Our History

VFX Apprentice was founded by Jason Keyser, a former Senior VFX Artist at Riot Games who worked on games like League of Legends.

He noticed other teams were staffing up with top talent, but his VFX team could not fill roles fast enough. An opportunity presented itself.

In 2019 he set out to train the next generation of specialized VFX artists for video games and animation. Getting them up to speed as quickly as possible and preparing them to work in a studio environment. 

VFX Apprentice has now propelled hundreds of artists from all over the world into meaningful careers in the entertainment industry through training, mentorship, and support.


Meet the Team

Jason Keyser set out to gather the most talented VFX artists around the world and have them teach the skills they have mastered during their storied careers. 

The company has grown to include a stellar roster of top-tier artists who create the All Access training courses, mentors who provide daily feedback to the community, and a support staff to guide new apprentices on their VFX journey.

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VFX Training

VFX Apprentice courses are designed to have no pre-requisites or rigid course structure. The intention is to allow artists of all levels to easily enroll in All Access and freely navigate to the lessons that will help them the most!

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