Oh, hey guys!

My name is Jason Keyser, and I get to make magic for a living. 

During the last ten years, I've designed visual effects for some of the biggest games in the business, including League of Legends and Animal Jam. It's been quite the journey! But over time, I began noticing an unsettling trend: studios everywhere were demanding highly-skilled artists to create gorgeous effects for games and film...but they were nowhere to be found!

Visual effects is an extremely rewarding and highly sought-after career. So why didn't we have enough artists to meet the demand?

I set out to rethink the training process. What I ended up with was VFX Apprentice, a one-of-a-kind online resource intuitively designed to increase your skills without wasting time.

VFX Apprentice is founded on a simple principle: we learn best when we learn from each other. That's why each course is led by top artists, and fueled by a robust peer network committed to helping one another succeed.  And unlike other arts education providers, VFX Apprentice has no prerequisites and no rigid course structure, so you can easily enroll in any level course and freely navigate to the lessons that will help you most!

Since launching VFX Apprentice, I have been overwhelmed with the support and love shown from the visual effects community. Thank you! It is an honor to be your instructor, as we all work together to bring a little more magic into the world. 

I'll see you in class!

Jason Keyser

Founder, VFX Apprentice