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Wanting to dive into the world of animated and game FX? It's free to start. With VFX Apprentice, you can begin with free courses and walkthroughs on:

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  • Photoshop
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Free FX Courses

Want a glimpse at what's included with the free VFX Apprentice training? 
Here's a look at courses with over 15 hours of lessons waiting for you inside. 

Beginner's Guide to VFX

11 Free Lessons: 3+ Hours 

NEW Beginner's Guide to VFX

Start your visual effects journey and learn all about the world of game development and stylized real-time VFX. This FREE course will introduce you to the various departments, game styles, tools, and systems used to make effects for games.

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Artistic Principles of VFX

6 Free Lessons: 112 Minutes

Learn the five must-know artistic principles of visual FX for games. 

League of Effects

2 Free Lessons: 20 Minutes

Break down League of Legends-inspired FX fan art by Kevin Leroy. Includes Unity project files. 

Block-In FX: FIRE

2 Free Lessons: 104 Minutes

An introduction to fire FX in both Unity and Niagara in Unreal Engine 5. 

Unreal Engine Fundamentals

4 Free Lessons: 124 Minutes

Get started with real-time FX in Unreal Engine. Dive into real-time VFX, materials, and kit bashing. 

Photoshop for VFX

5 Free Lessons: 115 Minutes

Get up to speed on the tools, layers, adjustments, and pro tips on Adobe Photoshop for FX. 

Character FX Design

2 Free Lessons: 40 Minutes

Drawing fundamentals for illustrating fire and water for FX and 2D animation.

Adobe Animate Intro

7 Free Lessons: 129 Minutes

Get to know all the animation tools and controls and create an FX flipbook in Adobe Animate. 

Toon Boom Harmony Intro

5 Free Lessons: 86 Minutes

Learn the industry-standard tools and workflows for Toon Boom Harmony.

Import VFX in UEFN

1 Free Lesson: 11 Minutes

Learn how to bring your own VFX into Unreal Editor for Fortnite. 

Magic Orb Follow-Along 

1 Free Lesson: 130 Minutes

Mentor Nibilli guides All Access members through creating orbs. Follow along as we create the mesh, draw textures and set everything up in engine. 

After Effects for Games

1 Free Lesson: 16 Minutes

Learn After Effects by making a slick animated mouse cursor ready for in-game use.

FREE Project Files

Download Project Files and Assets

Download assets, uber shaders, and project files to follow along with the free courses. 

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