VFX Bootcamps

Intense eight-week courses designed to give you the skills and personalized mentorship you need to become professional VFX artist. 

Beginner Bootcamp

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Course Length: 8 weeks
Mentor: To be announced
Next Start Date: April 2024

This introductory bootcamp provides a thorough guide to the amazing world of VFX. For 8 weeks you will dive deep into FX foundations, drawing, painting, particle systems and more! Then use these new skills in popular real-time game engines.


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Portfolio Bootcamp

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Course Length: 8 weeks
Mentors: Sjors de Laat, Chris Sayers
Next Start Date: April 2024

This intermediate bootcamp is designed to strengthen your artistic and technical abilities to make stylized VFX. Get personalized feedback and mentorship to help you create impressive VFX for your portfolio, aimed to help you land a job.


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94% of Bootcamp Graduates Recommend This Experience

João Pedro Pereira

Beginner Bootcamp (Fall 2023)

Mentors really take the time to give specific feedback about the student's specific work. Simply stellar ❤️

Nicolas Marschall

Portfolio Bootcamp (Fall 2023)

The experience I had overall was amazing! I feel like I found and learned things I needed to, and I would buy the whole package again!

Ryan Lemur

Portfolio Bootcamp (Fall 2023)

I think both Sjors and Jason did an excellent job with the feedback on the effects in the discord channels!

Johnathan Chellew

Portfolio Bootcamp (Fall 2023)

Overall this was a fantastic experience! I got very comfortable sharing my work and getting feedback which was something I was a bit nervous to do beforehand. It was also great that the assignments were open-ended so people with different skill levels or busier schedules could still get good results.

Micole Kanzawa

Beginner Bootcamp (Fall 2023)

I can only say good things about my experience, it was great to meet everyone and learn cool new things. Thanks to Sjors for helping me understand Unreal. I think the size of the bootcamp is great. Thanks again, see you guys around!

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