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Jason Keyser has worked on games and animated projects of all sizes. Indie teams, studios and AAA publishers rely on his expert insight and solutions. 


Custom Team Training

Every team has different needs. That's why team training is tailor-made for you. 


Schedule up to six live sessions with Q&A.

  • Unifying a VFX Style
  • Applied Foundations - Clarity
  • Applied Foundations - Timing
  • Applied Foundations - Color
  • VFX Assembly - Fireball Spell
  • Pipeline Assembly - Healing Spell 


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Hands-on employee training.

  • Team guidance
  • Live direct feedback
  • Permanent VOD recording
  • Administrative work
  • Leadership calls
  • Career development


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VFX Consulting

VFX reviews and VFX supervision. 

  • VFX Reviews
  • Pipeline Review
  • Creative Vision
  • Style Vision
  • VFX Paintovers
  • Production Integration


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All Access

Training for Teams

Stream the entire library of VFX courses on demand. 

  • Over 400 lessons, new content added monthly
  • Private Discord server with teaching assistants
  • Company logins with transferable seats
  • Dedicated support and account manager
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"The 3-part series presented to us is without a doubt the single best educational series on visual effects I have ever seen. A lighthearted and fun approach that fostered great discussions from our group.”

Keith Guerrette

Studio Head, Founder

"This is a fantastic ground zero experience for everyone to have a common language. It reinforces so much of the core components of our FX style guide for Fortnite.”

Tim Elek

Studio FX Art Director

"World class artistic talent in the craft of VFX. An incredible value to any of the world's top studios. Anyone who wishes they were a VFX artist needs to get in touch with Jason and VFX Apprentice.”

Tyson Murphy

Art Director

Case Studies

Epic Games

Team Webinars


Epic Games is known for their pursuit in excellence, both in games and technology. A custom three-part webinar was created by VFX Apprentice to cover foundational principles of VFX.

The series was presented to current VFX employees to establish alignment and shared language across teams. The webinars subsequently became part of the company’s required onboarding for future VFX employees. This allowed new hires to quickly acquaint themselves with core principles and nuance necessary to work on games, including Fortnite.

The GD Studio

VFX Consulting


The GD Studio was looking for full-scope VFX leadership through every phase of production, from pre-production through full release and post-launch advisement.

Through hands-on consulting of the team's visual FX pipeline, style direction, and production constraints, their real-time VFX capacity has grown in countless ways. The internal team has leveled up in the VFX craft, as has their tooling and features for making VFX content that pushes the bar to meet their aspirational goals.