Concept Painting

Start your FX journey from the very beginning. The Concept Painting course is designed to teach you how to create video game visual FX using the fundamentals of design, shape, color, and value. 


Flex Your Creativity

Learn how to concept FX and challenge yourself while creating a variety of different popular styles. 


What's Included?

12 Lessons

A growing catalogue of online FX courses with over 40 videos.

Source Files

Dozens of production-grade files and assets for you to learn and play with. 

LIVE Feedback

Meet with mentors and community members to discuss your progress.

Course Overview

Beginners and pros alike can learn drawing techniques and time-saving skills in industry-standard tools like Adobe Photoshop.

Including Visual FX lessons like:

  • Drawing Foundations: Grab a pen and paper. Let's feel the lines and perspective in a traditional analog way.
  • Lesson Sketch: Put your drawing knowledge to the test by creating FX sketches.
  • FX Concept Painting: Convert your pen and paper drawings to digital software. Learn Photoshop tricks and different painting techniques.
  • FX Concept Painting Elemental Studies: Create breathtaking concept art with step-by-step breakdowns of all four elements.
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Meet Your Instructors

Led by Jason Keyser and David Shovlin, Concept Painting also features FX artists who worked on projects like League of Legends, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, and Valorant.

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Student Reviews

The comprehensive photoshop lessons forever changed how I paint, whether it be for texture painting or concepting. I haven't followed anything that so directly led me towards personal growth as a digital artist.

- Luke Mason, Blizzard VFX Artist

I have learned a lot! Now I know what I should do at all the stages of working on the concept, where to look, how to iterate. Feeling really inspired after watching them!

- Sofia Firsova, VFX Student

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