2D FX Animated Title/Logo Masterclass

Instructor: Julien Pingault
Included with VFX-A All Access

In this high-octane FX course, you'll see step-by-step how a 2D FX master maximizes the excitement of an effect for a slick title logo.

In All Access

3+ Hours

This course includes over three and a half hours of FX animation training.

Skill Level

This is a beginner and intermediate Level Two course for VFX artists. 


Adobe Animate or
Toon Boom Harmony

Instant Access

This course is immediately available to All Access members. 

Course Breakdown

Lesson overview.

FX Logo Animation

13 Lessons

In this special breakdown lesson series, you'll see step-by-step how a 2D FX master maximizes the excitement of an effect for a slick logo.

This course is presented French and includes English subtitles. 


FX Logo Title Overview

Get started with a quick overview of the project you will work on over the following lessons!

FX Logo Setup

Set up the FX logo and divide the animation into the flashy white and calm dark dimensions.

Anticipation Bump

In this lesson, you will add an anticipation bump to your animation. The quick practice is useful for students of all skill levels!

Color Shift

Color is one of the most difficult parts to get just right, and this animations uses a lot of colors. Learn all about the color theory behind these rapid shifts of awesome colors.

Anticipation Distortion

Push your anticipation even further by adding some distortion to it!

Radial Sparkle

It's time to add some simple animations to give our logo that extra punch!

More Anticipation Effects

It's never too late to add or make changes! Let's circle back to the logo, and add distortion to this as well.

Supporting Animation

Learn how to push the epic moments of your animation to the next level by implementing some small additional animations.

Anticipation Finish

Differentiate between your beginning and end anticipation by changing up timing, motion and color.

Fire FX Animation

It's time to move on to the big supporting elements of our logo effect. Learn how to add this perspective fire effect to your own animation!

Additional Flames & Sparkles

Learn how to add additional tertiary details for a little extra flare.

Lightning FX

Ease in the calm dark dimension by adding some flickering lightning.

FX Lightning Breakdown

This lighting is the last big supporting animation. Learn how to move lightning around the screen in perspective.

Student Gallery

More Student Work

What members say about VFX Apprentice

Bruno Cano

VFX-A All Access Member

Joining VFX Apprentice was, for sure, the best decision I've made in my early VFX career. The courses are great and the mentors and students are always trying to help. I just love being here!

Alexandr Popov

VFX Apprentice Student

This was my first step into the field of VFX. I chose it because I saw the incredible work of the teachers. If you want to plunge into the magical world of VFX, then this is definitely for you.

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