Beginner Bootcamp

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Course Length: 8 weeks
Mentors: Jason Keyser, Sonia Firsova
Next Start Date: July/August

This introductory bootcamp dives deep into FX foundations, drawing, painting, particle systems and more! Then implement these new skills in popular real-time game engines.


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8-Week VFX Bootcamp for Beginners

Welcome to VFX-A Beginner Bootcamp. This guided course will give you a thorough introduction to the world of stylized VFX. Learn and practice critical new skills and gain professional insight to the many career paths that await.

$1,400 per student
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In this course you will learn...

Week 1 - Intro to 2D FX

Learn the fundamentals and best practices for creating hand-drawn and stylized 2D FX.  

Week 2 - FX Foundations

This week is about FX design and timing, where you will complete a series of drawing exercises. 

Week 3 - FX Artistry

So many VFX are born from natural elements, so take a deep dive into the physics and real-life examples.

Week 4 - Intro to Painting

Learn painting techniques and create your own FX concept paintings for your assignment.

Week 5 - Intro to 3D VFX

Learn how to create effects within a real-time game engine in either Unreal Engine or Unity. 

Week 6 - 2D + 3D Stylized VFX

Apply your hand-painted skills to textures and 3D models and meshes.

Week 7 - Shaders and Materials

Work through a node-based interface in either UE5 or Unity to create shaders and materials.

Week 8 - Particle Systems

Learn the properties of VFX within games and how to use particle systems to bring FX to life. 

Mentors & FX Courses

Weekly sessions with Jason Keyser to guide you, plus access to every 2D/3D Level One FX course. 

Join this bootcamp and get access to:

  • 8 weeks of live¬†lectures and check-in sessions
  • 3 months of VFX-A All Access FX courses
  • Direct feedback from professional VFX artists
  • Private class channels
  • Weekly assignments and critique
  • Downloadable assets and project files

Your Mentor


Jason Keyser

A world renowned FX artist and devoted VFX educator. Jason has worked in entertainment as both a 2D FX and 3D VFX artist for 13 years.

He has animated for the Powerpuff Girls, Netflix's Arlo, and multiple video game titles for Riot Games - including League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

Sonia Firsova

Sonia Firsova started her career as a Character Animator, working on characters for mobile games like Homescapes at Playrix. She worked as a Lead 2D FX Artist on projects for Eleventh Hour Games.

Currently, she is working as a contractor at Riot Games on 2XKO.


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