Houdini & EmberGen Workshop

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Course Length: 4 weeks
Mentors: Diana Simonyan, Mustafa Al Obaidi
Next Start Date: Fall/Winter 2024
Learn industry-leading software from seasoned professionals and create stunning fire, explosions, and groundbreaking simulations in EmberGen and Houdini!


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4-Week Intermediate VFX Workshop

Welcome to VFX-A Houdini & EmberGen Workshop.

Get ready to join our next 4-week guided workshop course and take a deep dive into the procedural workflow of realistic and semi-realistic effects, bringing your VFX work into a new dimension!

$800 per student

In this course you will learn...

Week 1 - Embers & Explosions

Learn the first major software package of this workshop: EmberGen and create fire, smoke and explosion flipbooks!

Week 2 - Groundbreaking Discoveries

It is time to shatter the earth in Houdini. Learn the terminology and create groundbreaking simulations!

Week 3 - An Unreal Explosion

Set up EmberGen flipbooks inside Niagara emitters and make them shine using a variety of shader tricks.

Week 4 - A Sequence of Events

Time to combine everything in the Unreal sequencer and polish our effect making it ready to showcase!

Join this workshop and get access to:

  • 4¬†weeks of live¬†lectures and check-in sessions
  • Direct feedback from professional VFX artists
  • 7+ hours of exclusive lesson content
  • 8 Weeks long¬†Houdini & EmberGen licences
  • New Project Files, Assets & Assignments
  • 2¬†months of VFX-A All Access FX courses
  • Permanent Discord Community Access

Your Mentors


Diana Simonyan

Diana has worked as a VFX artist for 3 years, outsourcing effects for a number of games of different genres, including titles such as Baldur's Gate 3.

Currently, she is working at Digital Extremes as a VFX Artist on Warframe and is excited to share some of her knowledge with other fellow artists.

Mustafa Al Obaidi

Mustafa contributed to several noteworthy titles, including Contraband, Gears of War Tactics and Solar Purge. As well as some unannounced projects at EA DICE where he is currently working.

Throughout his career, he honed his skills in crafting anything from explosive action sequences to intricately detailed environments and explored diverse creative realms within visual effects.


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