Masters of Motion

Swoosh, splash, and zap your way through the most in-demand 2D FX for video games, animated series, and real-time VFX. This course will show you the moves.


Let’s Get Moving

This course is designed for 2D FX artists of all levels to create the “money shots” and effects seen in the most popular video games, films, and animated series.


What's Included?

29 Lessons

A growing catalogue of online 2D FX courses with over 170 videos.

Source Files

Dozens of project files and assets for you to download.

LIVE Feedback

Meet with mentors and community members to discuss your progress.

Course Overview

Start with the foundations and principles of animation, or if you are an experienced FX artist, dive into the artistic flourishes and styling of flaming bursts, magical slashes, or angelic flashes.

Learn time-saving skills in Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash) and Toon Boom Harmony.

Including Visual FX lessons like:

  • 2D FX Playbook: Learn the basics of Adobe Animate and Toon Boom Harmony by creating simple effects.
  • 2D FX Animation: Start with the leading motion and finish with a ready-to-brag flipbook. Taught by one of the best-known 2D artists, Alex Redfish!
  • Elemental Studies: Level up your 2D FX with bigger animation challenges.
  • 2D Animation Master Class: Follow an explosive lesson series all about creating a complex explosion worthy of a big screen. 
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Meet Your Instructors

Led by Jason Keyser, Masters of Motion also features FX artists and animators who worked on projects like League of Legends, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Powerpuff Girls, Angry Birds, Arcane, and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Student Review

From tutorials that teach you the basics from game engines to detailed explanations on how to create magical effects, VFX Apprentice has it all. If you want to start creating VFX then look no further as VFX Apprentice is the right place to be!

- Kees Klop, Crema VFX Artist

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