Particle Animation

This in-depth course is designed to teach you all the various aspects of creating real-time visual FX assets used in the most popular video games.


Start Your (Game) Engine

More than just particles, this VFX course will teach you texture painting, 3D modeling, material animation, and particle animation. Better yet, you'll learn from industry vets in Unreal and Unity.


What's Included?

24 Lessons

A growing catalogue of online FX courses with over 60 videos.

Source Files

Unreal and Unity Sandbox project and assets to play and learn.

LIVE Feedback

Meet with mentors and community members to discuss your progress.

Course Overview

Let's blow stuff up! Learn about animating particle systems with Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, Photoshop, Krita, and Blender.

Including Visual FX lessons like:

  • Start With Unity or Unreal Engine: Choose either series and start off with engine basics you need to know
  • Asset creation: Textures, meshes and materials, oh my! Learn to use dissolve and normal maps. 
  • Unreal VS Unity: Walk through a breakdown of 4 FX from the concept art series.
  • Community Workflows: Follow-along pro FX artist's workflows in various engines as they show you how to create all sorts of effects from scratch.
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Meet Your Instructors

Led by Jason Keyser, Particle Animation also features FX artists and animators who worked on projects like League of Legends, Hearthstone,  Mortal Kombat X, Marvel Heroes, and Godfall.

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Student Reviews

A great course with insight into the VFX world. I come from an artistic background and the course taught me all the technical aspects. The community is also very beneficial, I learned a lot from their feedback.

- Jordan Torak, VFX Student

This course was the first step into the field of VFX. I chose it because I saw the incredible work of the teachers. If you want to plunge into the magical world of VFX, then this course is definitely for you!

- Alexandr Popov, 3D Artist

Particle Animation


Single Course

  • 24 Lessons
  • 60+ Video Lessons
  • Download Project Files
  • LIVE Feedback Session

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  • Particle Animation
  • Concept Painting
  • 100+ Video Lessons
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6 Payments of $175

  • Start for Only $175
  • Concept Painting
  • Particle Animation
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Save $225 when you purchase Particle Animation and Concept Painting together with the Booms & Blasts bundle. 

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