Game Dev Deep Dive

This course is designed for 2D FX artists of all levels to create attacks, spells, and healing effects seen in the most popular video games and apps.

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Bring The Action

Sword slash or magic cast your way through the most in-demand 2D FX for video games and animation. 


What's Included?

14 Lessons

A growing catalogue of online 2D FX courses with over 40 videos.

Source Files

Project files, assets, and a side-scroller sandbox for you to play and learn. 

LIVE Feedback

Meet with mentors and community members to discuss your progress and goals. 

Course Overview

Beginners and pros alike can learn time-saving skills in industry-standard tools including Unreal Engine, Unity, and Photoshop.

Including Visual FX lessons like:

  • In-Game Flipbooks: Create next level frame-by-frame flipbook textures that will translate to game engines.
  • Engine Implementation: Bring your flipbooks into the game engine and learn some tricks with 3D tools to make them shine. 
  • Play and Experiment: Use the VFX Apprentice side-scroller sandbox to create impactful slashes, projectiles, and any FX you can imagine!
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Meet Your Instructors

Led by David Shovlin and Ryan Rosanky, Game Dev Deep Dive shows you how to create 2D FX in games engines. Just like how these instructors created FX on games like Valorant, Mass Effect Adromeda, Anthem, and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.

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Good FX artists of today and tomorrow must be able to balance so many different artistic & technical disciplines. These online courses are a must-have for anyone wanting to break into real-time FX.

- Bill Kladis, Epic Games Senior Technical Artist

Tradigital 2D FX Bundle


All 2D courses

  • Game Dev Deep Dive
  • Masters of Motion
  • Post Process Pizazz
  • Project Files + Assets

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  • 200+ Hours of VFX Training
  • New Lessons Monthly
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Daily Mentor Feedback
  • Project Files + Assets
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  • 200+ Hours of VFX Training
  • New Lessons Monthly
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Project Files + Assets
  • Lifetime Community Access


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