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The demand for professional visual effects in games, VR, AR, and film is growing exponentially, and we simply don't have enough artists to get everything done

So how do you train an artistic army to create digital magic for games and film? You start by redesigning the classroom. 

In classic art schools, apprentices honed their skills alongside master craftsmen. VFX Apprentice harnesses the power of that model, delivering professional visual effects training across the globe, on-demand and entirely at your pace!

Our education model is simple: We want to rapidly level-up your skills without wasting time. That's why each course in my training library is built by professional artists, full of top-tier assets, and fueled by a peer network committed to helping you succeed! 

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This is it: the only purchase you'll need to gain an expansive knowledge of all things related to making incredible 2D FX and implementing them in a production environment!

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Make a Bang

Learn the fundamentals behind designing and animating popular visual effects—including fire explosions, wispy clouds, lightning zaps, and gooey splats—in  “BOOMS AND BLASTS: PART 1 & PART 2” 

With over 20 hours of step-by-step video tutorials and a exhaustive library of source assets, this is the course that will jumpstart your VFX career. We can't wait to see what you create with it!


Every course includes

Unrestricted access to course content, including all future updates and improvements!

People are Talking

See what the pros have to say.

"I truly wish this website existed when I first started VFXs, haha! ... It's chock-full of industry-defining resources and tutorials covering a vast diversity of subjects. And maybe even more importantly: it covers different engines and softwares. From concepting to in-engine implementations, those courses have it all, and it is all of the highest quality."

Kevin Leroy
VFX Artist - Riot Games

"When it comes to preaching the art & soul behind real-time FX, Jason is truly the most dedicated of anyone I know. Good FX artists of today and tomorrow must be able to balance so many different artistic & technical disciplines. Jason's online courses & industry talks would be a must-have for anyone wanting to understand these to break into real-time FX."

Bill Kladis
Senior Technical Artist - Epic Games

"I watched through the Booms & Blasts course and it's the most comprehensive vfx course I've seen online."

Alex Redfish
FX Artist - Into the Spiderverse

"Jason Keyser's VFX Apprentice is THE go-to to learn real time visual effects. Jason will teach you how to make effects from the ground up, from an artistic and technical perspective. These tools will start you on the path to becoming a real time VFX artist."

Fred Hooper
Lead VFX Artist - NVIDIA

"Jason is one of the only people I've met throughout my entire career that has world class artistic talent in the craft of VFX, and also has the kindness, wisdom, and dedication of a great teacher. Jason is an incredible value to any of the world's top studios, and I've personally seen him change the lives of aspiring artists and students everywhere. He is passionate about his educational work, and it is truly the best I've seen. Anyone who wishes they were a VFX artist needs to get in touch with Jason and VFX Apprentice."

Tyson Murphy
Art Director - Riot Games

"I've had first hand experience learning from, and being inspired by, Jason Keyser. He's an exceptional artist, a leader in the Real Time VFX industry, and a phenomenal teacher who deeply, deeply cares about sharing the elusive techniques behind best in class VFX and helping people realize their creative dreams. Jason is the real deal - I learn from him every chance I get."

Drew Skillman
Founder - Tilt Brush

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