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Apprentices hone their skills by learning from master craftsmen. At VFX Apprentice you can learn from professional VFX artists through mentor-guided 8-week bootcamps or with instant access to all of our on-demand FX courses. 


Stylized 2D/3D Visual FX

The line between 2D and 3D effects continues to blur and hand-drawn VFX have become staples in games and animation.

With All Access to our FX courses you can learn today's most in demand skills. 

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Our instructors have left their mark on AAA titles, indie games, animated films, television series, mobile games, and experiential events. They are here to help you make your own mark.

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Rapidly growing community

Thousands of VFX artists have joined our community to learn and share with fellow mentors, industry professionals, and new talent. 

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Student showcase

Jump into the world of FX alongside our growing and inspiring student community. We will teach you how to make visual effects like these.  

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Kevin Leroy

VFX Artist - Riot Games

I truly wish this website existed when I first started VFX. It's chock-full of industry-defining resources and tutorials covering a vast diversity of subjects. And maybe even more importantly: it covers different engines and softwares. From concepting to in-engine implementations, these courses have it all, and it is all of the highest quality.

Tyson Murphy

Art Director - Riot Games

Jason is one of the only people I've met throughout my entire career that has world class artistic talent in the craft of VFX, and also has the kindness, wisdom, and dedication of a great teacher.  Jason is an incredible value to any of the world's top studios, and I've personally seen him change the lives of aspiring artists and students everywhere.  He is passionate about his educational work, and it is truly the best I've seen.  Anyone who wishes they were a VFX artist needs to get in touch with Jason and VFX Apprentice.

Drew Skillman

Founder - Tilt Brush

I've had first hand experience learning from, and being inspired by, Jason Keyser.  He's an exceptional artist, a leader in the Real Time VFX industry, and a phenomenal teacher who deeply, deeply cares about sharing the elusive techniques behind best in class VFX and helping people realize their creative dreams. Jason is the real deal - I learn from him every chance I get.

Fred Hooper

Lead VFX Artist - NVIDIA

Jason Keyser's VFX Apprentice is THE go-to place to learn real time visual effects. Jason will teach you how to make effects from the ground up from an artistic and technical perspective. The VFX Apprentice courses will start you on the path to becoming a real time VFX artist.

Bill Kladis

Senior Technical Artist - Epic Games

When it comes to preaching the art & soul behind real-time FX, Jason is truly the most dedicated of anyone I know. Good FX artists of today and tomorrow must balance so many different artistic & technical disciplines. These courses are a must-have for anyone wanting to break into real-time FX.

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