Introducing VFX Bootcamps — 8 Week Guided FX Training with Jason Keyser

vfx Aug 14, 2023
Introducing VFX Bootcamps — 8 Week Guided FX Training with Jason Keyser Featured

Beginner Bootcamp and Portfolio Bootcamp are limited-seat eight week sessions with hands-on FX training. 

Are you an aspiring VFX artist who is either new to the craft, or trying to get a job in the industry? VFX Apprentice Bootcamps were designed to give you a competitive edge in as little as eight weeks. 

Introducing two new 8-week bootcamps with hands-on training from Jason Keyser and David Hall. Beginner Bootcamp and Portfolio Bootcamp are limited-seat sessions where you will learn with a mix of live training and feedback while also gaining access to our library of FX courses. 



The first bootcamps start September 1, 2023. There are a limited number of seats, and they are already going fast, so don't miss your chance to reserve a spot. They will sellout. If you miss your chance, you can join the waitlist for the next session when announced. 

Bootcamps also include 3 months of access to the FX course library, and if you are an existing All Access member you can get up to 30% off any bootcamp. Check out the bootcamp pages for more details on how to get your unique code. 


About VFX Bootcamps

Led by Senior VFX Artist Jason Keyser (Riot Games, Powerpuff Girls, League of Legends) these bootcamps will introduce new artists to the world of stylized FX for games and animation. 

Joining this session will be VFX Director David Hall (Sparkball, Fangs, League of Legends) who will serve as the assistant mentor, adding more to the live lectures, additional critique and feedback, and overall guidance in helping students find their creative voice. 


Beginner Bootcamp

This introductory bootcamp provides a thorough guide to the amazing world of VFX. For 8 weeks you will dive deep into FX foundations, drawing, painting, particle systems and more! Then use these new skills in popular real-time game engines. Beginner Bootcamp includes 3 months of 2D/3D Level One FX courses.

Next Session Starts: September 1, 2023

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Portfolio Bootcamp

This intermediate bootcamp is designed to strengthen your artistic and technical abilities to make stylized VFX. Get personalized feedback and mentorship to help you create impressive VFX for your portfolio, aimed to help you land a job. By the end of this course you will have a professionally critiqued art test for your portfolio as well and in-depth preparation for job interviews. Portfolio Bootcamp includes 3 months of VFX Apprentice All Access.

Next Session Starts: September 1, 2023

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All Access Members Get up to 30% Off

Are you an existing VFX-A All Access member? Annual members get 30% off any bootcamp, and active monthly members can get 20% off. To get your unique member discount code, fill out the Get My Discount form on either the Beginner Bootcamp or Portfolio Bootcamp page. 



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