VFX Apprentice Student Reel 2023

concept art student showcase vfx Jan 19, 2024
VFX Apprentice Student VFX Reel 2023 - Featured

The 2023 Student Showcase is here with absolutely amazing VFX and concept art made by VFX Apprentice students. 


Each year we curate a collection of FX made by VFX Apprentice students, and once again we are stunned by the incredible submissions from artists all around the world.

The VFX Apprentice team is looking back on another fantastic year! Thanks to our community, students, mentors, and everyone who made this the best year yet. Without further ado, let's take a look at some VFX students made this past year. 


Student VFX Reel (2023)


Featured VFX Apprentice Students:

  • Kirill Leshyshak
  • Martin Blasina
  • Jakub Tkáč
  • Katie Stine
  • Tyier Godette
  • Yoshimaro Ikeguchi
  • Taylor Mudgway
  • Illia Khamidulin
  • Sergio Renato Perez Cuevas
  • Renate Noel-Tagoe
  • Ivan Jurić “Juki”
  • Julia Tolochkova
  • Kaupo Karindi
  • Mario Belén
  • Jonathan Schäfer
  • Ana Mauro
  • De Andre Martin
  • Halibel
  • Stefano Falubba
  • Cameron Webb
  • Primož “Rolie” Femc


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