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Post Process and Mograph

Instructor: Mathew DeSanctis, Matthieu Petit, Tom de Vis
Included with VFX-A All Access

Get to know Adobe After Effects and learn various post-process techniques to reinvigorate your FX and make them shine! Plus learn how to take some of the effects made in other courses to the next level with color and compositing.

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10+ Hours

This course includes nearly eleven hours of FX training.

Skill Level

Beginner Level Two course for new and intermediate FX artists. 


Adobe After Effects,
Adobe Animate

Instant Access

This course is immediately available to All Access members. 

Course Breakdown

Lesson overview.

Medium 2D FX Post Process

4 Lessons

Take the effects from the Animating Medium 2D FX course to the next level with these lessons on polishing, coloring, and adding final touches.

Goo Orb Advanced Compositing Tricks

What do you do with a mesmerizing, animated ball of magical slime? Use compositing tricks to enhance your effect to make it even shinier and slimier!


Directional Fire FX Compositing Timelapse

Learn how to bend fire to your will! Learn how to add polish to your effects with some simple blur and glow techniques.

Heart Bubble Burst Color & Compositing 

In this video, you will learn how to use some simple coloring techniques and the CC Plastic effect to make your Heart Bubbles feel liquid.


Spiral Smoke Poof Motion Blur

Some great animations just need a little post-process effect to give them that extra pizazz. Let's keep this one simple, and add some motion blur.


Card Shimmer

2 Lessons

Infuse metallic elements with magic using this technique. Handy for creating style targets in CCGs, Match 3s, or any UI-centric animation.

Card Design Timelapse

Watch Jason paint the card design used in this lesson with Adobe Animate.

Advanced Compositing

Discover the workflow for animating multiple interactive and non-interactive elements in the same space.

FX for Characters Post Process

6 Lessons

Take the effects from the FX for Characters course to the next level with these lessons on polishing, coloring, and adding final touches.

Flame Avatar Fire Compositing

Enhance your fire animation with a number of cool compositing effects! Learn how to use proxies to navigate large and complex After Effects files.

Flame Avatar Magical Recolor

Change the feeling, color, and style by using these compositing tools! Learn how to add particles to push your composition even further.

Wind Avatar Simple Compositing for Big Animations Timelapse

Animated 2D dust can look amazing, but sometimes you need to add some filters to help it harmonize and look more believable in a scene.

Holy Avatar Lens Flare & Glow Timelapse

Continue work with your heavenly avatar through a variety of post-process techniques! Make your light shine with a variety of glows and help focus the viewer's eye with lens flares!

Toxic Avatar Clean & Pixelated

Work with the previous Toxic Avatar effect in After Effects to spice it up even more!

Matthew walks through how to make our existing Toxic Avatar feel even gooier, and then plays with the mosaic effect to create a colorful, pixelated version.

Electric Avatar Compositing Timelapse

There are many ways to make an epic sequence more cinematic in post. Learn a few tricks of the trade in this lesson to do just that! Enhance your background and make your animation pop in perspective!

Intro to After Effects: Game Cursor, Text Pops & Wiggles

3 Lessons

Get some foundational knowledge about non-destructive animation in After Effects and make a snappy animated logo while you're at it!

Cursor Creation

Get a quick introduction to After Effects with this short excercise!

Shape Layers & Motion Paths

Try your hand at some text animation effects with Mathew DeSanctis, as he walks you through using vector shapes, precomposing, text animator, and motion paths.

Animated Text

Learn to use techniques with squash and stretch animation principles to give your text dynamic motion!

Impact Animations & Finishing Touches

Work with shape layers to support the core animation you've already built!

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Bruno Cano

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Joining VFX Apprentice was, for sure, the best decision I've made in my early VFX career. The courses are great and the mentors and students are always trying to help. I just love being here!

Alexandr Popov

VFX Apprentice Student

This was my first step into the field of VFX. I chose it because I saw the incredible work of the teachers. If you want to plunge into the magical world of VFX, then this is definitely for you.

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