Tradigital 2D FX

An epic library of 2D visual FX lessons. This bundle includes three of our most popular VFX courses. Get the industry-beloved Masters of Motion, Game Dev Deep Dive, and Post Process Pizazz. 


The Best 2D FX Training

Taught by industry professionals working on the biggest video games and animated series. Graduates of this series have gone on to work on projects with Marvel, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Netflix.


Everything You Need to Start Your 2D FX Career

3 Courses, 60+ Lessons

A growing catalogue of online 2D FX courses with over 230 videos.

Project Files

Project files, assets, and a side-scroller sandbox for you to play and learn.

LIVE Feedback

Meet with mentors and community members to discuss your progress.

What's Included?

Learn how to animate visual effects from professional 2D FX animators. Tradigital 2D FX covers industry-standard tools and concepts to get you up to speed on VFX work. Go from beginner to pro at your own pace. 

Masters of Motion

This course will teach you how to design and animate popular visual FX assets that studios and game developers need.

Course Overview

Game Dev Deep Dive

This course is designed for FX artists of all levels to create 2D attacks, spells, and healing effects seen in popular video games.

Course Overview

Post Process Pizazz

This course is designed for 2D FX artists to polish and elevate their visual effects and animations into production-ready assets.

Course Overview


VFX Apprentice is THE go-to place to learn real-time visual FX. Make effects from the ground up, from an artistic and technical perspective. These lessons and tools will start you on the path to becoming a real-time VFX artist.

- Fred Hooper, NVIDIA Lead VFX Artist

I truly wish this website existed when I first started VFX. It's chock-full of industry-defining resources and tutorials for different engines and softwares. From concepting to in-engine implementations, these courses have it all, and it is all of the highest quality.

- Kevin Leroy, Riot Games VFX Artist

Tradigital 2D FX Bundle


2D courses only

  • Masters of Motion
  • Game Dev Deep Dive
  • Post Process Pizazz
  • Project Files + Assets
  • Community Access

All Access (Annual)


12 months billed once

  • Save $680 vs. monthly
  • 200+ Hours of VFX Training
  • New Lessons Monthly
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Project Files + Assets
  • Lifetime Community Access

All Access (Monthly)


Monthly subscription

  • 200+ Hours of VFX Training
  • New Lessons Monthly
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Project Files + Assets
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