2D FX Meme Lab

Instructor: Milena Gonçalez
Included with VFX-A All Access

Different budgets and projects can dictate the style and level of detail you can use when creating your effects! Let's make some fun meme-able gifs to show you the difference!

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1.5+ Hours

This course includes over one and a half hours of FX animation training.

Skill Level

This is a beginner and intermediate Level Two course for VFX artists. 


Toon Boom Harmony
or Adobe Animate

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This course is immediately available to All Access members. 

Course Breakdown

Lesson overview.

2D FX Meme Lab Intro

Get started with a quick introduction from your instructor for this series, Milena Gonçalez, and learn more about the three styles before getting into the breakdowns for each!

Low-Budget FX Shot

"Budget" production-level effects can be great practice! Follow along and try it out for yourself.

TV and Animated Series Budget: Base Fire FX

TV Show effects are a step up in terms of difficulty and detail. Let's get started with the lower environmental fire!

TV and Animated Series Budget: Head Fire FX

Tracking a character's movement with your effect animation can be time-consuming and tricky, especially when you are using real live footage. Luckily, Milena is here to show us how to power through this stage!

TV and Animated Series Budget: Explosion

Let's use a transition effect to help emphasize our character's changes from one phase of the animation to the next!

High-Budget Animated Feature 2D Fire FX

The main difference between medium and high budget fire, is the time it takes to animate! Follow along as we animate on 1's with more complex shapes.

2D FX Production Tips

Check out this 2D FX outline on how to get animating, plus a couple of production tips. Start with references, plan out your animation, and get started with the easy parts to build your confidence up.

FX Polish & Wrapup

Add some more polish to your Fire FX animations! Determine if you are finished with your animation, and if you're in a production environment know when to send it to a supervisor for approval.

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