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Elemental Studies in Unity

Instructor: Nicolas Trevisan
Included with VFX-A All Access

Bring the elements to life in Unity! Learn how to use a technical approach to VFX as you create fire, water, lightning, and more.

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3+ Hours

This course includes over three hours of real-time VFX training.

Skill Level

Beginner Level One course for new and aspiring VFX artists. 


(Version 2021.3+)

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This course is immediately available to All Access members. 

Course Breakdown

Lesson overview.


Meet Nicolas Trevisan and download the Unity project for the Elemental studies series.

Unity Scene Setup

Watch this quick guide to learn how to set up your scene in Unity so you can get to work making effects!

Ambient Fog Breakdown

Learn how to create a simple and effective ambient fog with low-performance cost.

Fire - Elemental Case Study

In this video, Nicolas gives us a rundown on fire, how it works, and the factors that influence its shape.

Campfire FX Breakdown

Fire is a common element in VFX, and a campfire effect is good practice to gain mastery over it!

Fireball Breakdown

With the campfire effect under your belt, creating a fireball effect now will be even easier!

Hit Impact Breakdown

Follow along with Nicolas to create a hit impact, with a full breakdown of the shaders, textures, 3D meshes, and particle emitters involved!

Water - Elemental Case Study

Using real-life references, in this video, Nicolas covers what water is and why it looks the way it does.

Waterfall Breakdown

A waterfall can be a great background effect, and Nicolas will walk you through how to create one, using meshes and textures.

Lightning - Elemental Case Study

Why does lightning look the way it does? Follow along with Nicolas for a quick rundown on what defines lightning's shapes!

Lightning Beam Breakdown

Learn to create a looping beam effect with lightning spritesheets and secondary sparks!

Sword Swipe Breakdown

Want to create a simple sword slash effect in Unity? Then this breakdown video is the guide for you!

Unity Elemental FX Gallery

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Luke Mason

VFX Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

VFX Apprentice is always the first place I suggest to start in the world of real-time VFX. The quality and care are simply unmatched. The comprehensive lessons forever changed how I paint, whether it be for textures or concepts.

Bruno Cano

VFX-A All Access Member

Joining VFX Apprentice was, for sure, the best decision I've made in my early VFX career. The courses are great and the mentors and students are always trying to help. I just love being here!

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