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Unity Block-in VFX

Instructor: Hadidjah Chamberlin
Included with VFX-A All Access

This course is designed to help you start making effects in the Unity game engine, regardless of your experience level. Learn how to get started with a collection of block-in VFX like fire, hit impacts, and explosions.

In All Access

4.5+ Hours

This course includes over four hours of real-time Unity VFX training.

Skill Level

Beginner Level One course for new artists. 



Instant Access

This course is immediately available to All Access members. 

Course Breakdown

Lesson overview.

Fire Block-in VFX

Dive right in and start playing around in Unity with this introductory fire effect!


Hit Impact Block-in VFX

Learn how timing and contrast can be used to create a punchy hit impact, and start to explore the fundamentals that you will use for countless future effects!

Healing Loop Block-in VFX

 Do you want to use 2D animations to enhance your effects in Unity? Follow along with Hadidjah to find out more!

Explosion Block-in VFX

It's time to start combining the tools and techniques you have been learning into this explosive effect, and add 3D mesh particles and collision to your toolbox!

Missile Block-in VFX

Sometimes complex effects are just simple effects in disguise! Follow along with Hadidjah in this missile effect breakdown, and learn about particle trails.

Missile Unity Timeline Tools

Follow up on the previous lesson and learn to set up your particles in a way that better suits a production setting using the Timeline tool in Unity.

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Bruno Cano

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Joining VFX Apprentice was, for sure, the best decision I've made in my early VFX career. The courses are great and the mentors and students are always trying to help. I just love being here!

Ron Anati

VFX-A All Access Member

Been in love with game VFX since I can remember. I joined VFX Apprentice after a LONG time thinking about it, and loving every moment of it, studying whenever I can.

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