Halfway There: What’s Going on at VFXA Bootcamps?

animation concept art student showcase vfx Feb 09, 2024


Let's celebrate the halfway mark!

And what better way to do this than with a short reel: this is a showcase of some of the work our students made during the last 4 weeks of Bootcamping. Enjoy!


What’s going on at VFX-A Bootcamps?

If you’ve been keeping up with what’s going on at VFX Apprentice lately, you've probably heard about Bootcamps already. And if not, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about them!


A little backstory:

Last September, we launched the very first Beginner and Portfolio Bootcamps. The idea was to provide students with a curated curriculum with hands-on training, including weekly feedback sessions and live lectures. Another thing we had in mind was building an even greater sense of community and giving students a safe environment to learn in smaller groups. 



We wanted to use the rich lesson library we have and create a focused experience for our students. You can think of the Bootcamps to be closer to traditional education systems with weekly lessons, one or multiple teachers, and a strict assignment for each week.

While our All Access subscription speaks more to people who like the process of "self-learning", where you can decide which lessons you want to tackle next, what assignments you do, and how long you take for each specific topic.

No matter the path you choose self-taught or guided, it is always more pleasant to know that you’re not alone on this quite complicated path. There’s no doubt that learning together is fun!
And this is why we value our Community so much!


Student VFX Reel (2023)

To summarize:

Both mentors and students did a fantastic job at the first launch of the Bootcamps. Students’ determination to learn played a huge part in this whole experience, so we want to thank each of you for joining us and for your dedication and passion to create something amazing! 


The future is now:

The second launch of Bootcamps is in full force, and we are already halfway to its conclusion. Each group has reached the Week 4 mark, and we think it’s time to show you what’s going on.


Beginner Bootcamp

The Beginner Bootcamp just finished the 2D part of the curriculum, and now will be diving into 3D. With Gabriel Boileau as their mentor, there’s nothing they can’t do, and we are looking forward to seeing all the ideas that come to life in the next 4 weeks!

Next Session Starts: April, 2024


Portfolio Bootcamp

Portfolio Bootcamps — which has two groups this time — have been working on organizing their workflow and various types of 3D effects. Our amazing mentors — Sjors de Laat and Chris Sayers — accompany the students on this path. Their feedback truly helps in making the effects look the way students envisioned and learn what they might have been missing before.

Next Session Starts: April, 2024


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