Introducing VFX Apprentice All Access

industry vfx Nov 18, 2022
Introducing VFX Apprentice All Access - Featured

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At the 2022 CTN Expo, VFX Apprentice Founder and CEO Jason Keyser announced the new VFX Apprentice All Access training offering. 

To fulfill the company's goal to bring FX education to everyone, the new subscription offering allows students to instantly access every lesson and gain an in-depth understanding of 2D, 3D, and real-time workflows. 

"To allow us to reach more students across the globe, we had to streamline our entire learning platform. By doing so, VFX Apprentice can now offer a much more affordable solution and easily grant access to every course we currently offer, as well as every future course added in the coming months."

The biggest benefit to students is that there are no longer restrictions between 2D and 3D lessons, giving artists instant access to learn new skills as the games and animation industries continue to crossover. From painterly textures to stylized explosions, art styles are blending with 2D FX now often appearing in 3D environments. FX artists are continually asked to do more in other programs and VFX Apprentice wants to help artists acquire those needed skills. 



What is VFX Apprentice All Access?

All Access is a new subscription offering from VFX Apprentice. It includes all existing 2D, 3D, and real-time FX courses, all upcoming new lessons and courses, livestreams and hangouts, Unreal and Unity sandboxes, all Discord community channels, and members-only perks.  

All Access memberships start at $132.33/month for annual subscriptions, $189 for monthly. 



What if I already own a course bundle?

Fear not! Your training is not going anywhere, and you will continue to get new lessons that are part of your purchased courses. If you own the Tradigital 2D FX bundle or courses, you'll continue to receive the 2D lesson updates to Masters of Motion, Game Dev Deep Dive, and Post Process Pizazz. The same goes for the 3D Booms & Blasts bundle which will receive updates to Concept Painting and Particle Animation. 

However, bundles will not get new standalone courses that are currently in development. These new courses will only be available to All Access members. Bundles will still be available for purchase at full price.

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